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Frequently asked questions

Your order for the PaySelect Premium Mastercard® will be treated confidentially. We deliberately refrain from obtaining Schufa information and do not report our Mastercard® to Schufa, so your Schufa score will not be affected and you will receive a secure additional option of cashless payment on the Internet or at the dealership.

Yes, the PaySelect Premium Mastercard® is approved independently of your Schufa information.

Yes, there is neither a query of Schufa nor a message to the Schufa.

We work with the largest financial service providers. This will give you access to special financing options. Of course everything without pre-cost or other improper fees. The schufa-free loan is issued by a Swiss bank that has no access to the Schufa. Thus, there can not be checked and there is also no Schufa entry in the payment of the loan.

The Schufa stores a lot of data about you, such. As address, date of birth, existing loans, credit cards, mobile phone contracts and checking accounts. Furthermore, payment problems (eg terminated contracts, notice of payment and personal bankruptcy) are recorded there. The Schufa has no information about your account balance, unless the account is terminated. Also, the employment relationship or your income is the Schufa not known.As a rule, the data is collected and maintained by the cooperation partners (eg banks) of Schufa.

The Schufa score is a complicated calculation of all stored data that is used to calculate a percentage that is supposed to indicate the likelihood of your financial condition. Virtually all banks in Germany use this calculation when deciding to open current accounts, approve loans and issue credit cards.

The credit rating means the assessment of the financial circumstances. That includes income and liabilities. The liabilities include existing loans, used syndicated loan and possibly negative entries in the Schufa.The income is the amount, nature and duration of the current income assessed. If the income comes from public institutions (eg Hartz4) this has a negative effect on the credit rating.

Yes, we deliberately do not check your income situation, which means that you will receive our Mastercard® even with bad credit ratings. We trust that you can best assess your own financial situation and deal responsibly with money.

Yes, we do not make any difference where you get your income from. Whether you are unemployed, Hartz4 refer or without income, you will receive from us your new Mastercard®.

No, we do not ask you for proof of your income. You will receive your new PaySelect Premium Mastercard® without any documents.

We deliberately developed the Mastercard® with as few editions as possible. Only a residence in Germany is necessary and you must be over 18 years old.

No, to make it quick and easy for you we like to communicate with you via e-mail or phone. The mail you receive from us, such as: Your personal PaySelect Premium Mastercard® will be inserted directly into your mailbox by the postman. All payments made in connection with your PaySelect Premium Mastercard® are basically cashless.

After you have completely entered your data in the order form, the encrypted data transfer takes place to our system. Here is an immediate check of your information. Notification of the approval of your new PaySelect Premium Mastercard® usually takes place within 10 minutes via e-mail and SMS. As soon as the fees for the card have been received by us, the mailing of your new PaySelect Premium Mastercard® will be arranged.

No, we do not use Post-Ident to get your PaySelect Premium Mastercard® as soon as possible. Delivery is by regular mail. Please make sure your name is on the mailbox.

In the case of a post-ID, the postman checks the delivery of the letter by means of a passport or identity card to whom he has personally delivered the letter. Should not be at home when the postman comes, you will receive a notification in the mailbox on which post office the letter is deposited for you. The recipient of the letter (addressee) must then personally pick up the letter with his ID. But there is also the possibility to empower somebody.

You can use this Mastercard® to pay worldwide with all Mastercard® partners. Both online and at the cash desk, your PaySelect Premium Mastercard® will be accepted.

Yes, you can safely order online within your limits if the merchant accepts payment with Mastercard®.

Yes, there are approximately 1.7 million ATMs around the world where you can get cash within your budget. Every day you have the possibility to withdraw up to 400, – € from the ATM. Please note that in some countries there is a different daily limit. The fees for cash withdrawals may vary.

Yes, there are about 32 million merchants accepting a Mastercard® payment. You will usually recognize the acceptance points on a sticker with the Mastercard® logo at the entrance. Since the PaySelect Premium Mastercard® is a highly embossed genuine plastic card, payment is possible on all card readers.

Your data is securely stored in a large data center on a server in Germany. A transfer of your data is exclusively for the execution of your order to our partner companies. If you have consented to the disclosure of your data, you may receive additional valuable information that may save you money on a monthly basis. Of course, according to the GDPR, you can always receive information about the data stored by us and object to its disclosure.

Yes, the Payselect Premium Mastercard® is a prepaid card. Only in this way is it possible to offer all the described benefits while ensuring full cost control for our customers.

We appreciate your call so we can answer your questions. The valid phone number you see in the imprint or in one of our e-mails to you.